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Located in Woodstock, Georgia, this cozy home studio offers the local community down to earth and traditional, peaceful yoga classes. Drawing on the theme of the elements corresponding to the chakras, Yoga Elements offers something for all levels. Experienced yogis can take classes centered around breathwork and alignment or work up a sweat in the "Fire" class.

No worries if you're just getting started - the Earth Element class - "From the Ground Up"" is the class for you. This class is slow-paced with plenty of modifications to fit your needs and detailed instructions to build a good foundation. Come exactly as you are - we will meet you there!

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* 500 RYT

* Yoga Teacher & lifelong student of its ancient philosophy

* Lover of all beings

Born in Switzerland, with parents that practiced yoga, Gaelle was always drawn towards a spiritual way of living and mind body connection. She started her professional journey in body wellness by becoming a certified massage therapist in 2003.

At this time in her life, she taught aerobics, indoor cycling, aqua gym and pilates. She got introduced to yoga and loved it right from the start. She dived into it deeper after a serious bicycle accident. Yoga became her "go to", for moving her body again, and in the same time give her body the opportunity to heal from the accident. Gaelle practiced Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow. The fluidity, beauty, and meditative qualities captured her heart. She had no intention to teach, but she wanted to deepen her knowledge and her own personal practice. Gaelle has studied with many renowned teachers and is always learning and expending her experience and knowledge of this lifelong practice. Her joy is to share her love of Yoga to the community, to anyone looking for a path to freedom, or simply feel good in their body. She founded Yoga Elements, a small yoga studio based in Woodstock, in 2019.

On her free time, you will find her hiking, gardening, making natural herbal balms and creams, as well as tinctures.

# of years practicing yoga: 20

# of years teaching yoga: 11

Favorite styles of yoga to teach: Vinyasa flow and Hatha

Favorite styles of yoga to practice: Vinyasa flow, Kundalini, Meditation & Bhakti yoga 

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Class Schedule

Schedule subject to change. Please register online or text/call before you arrive

Monday 6:00pm - 5 Elements , All Levels

Thursday 9:30am - Fire Element, Level 2

Thursday 7:00pm - Water Elements, Yin Yoga, All Levels

Friday 10:30am - Earth Element, Gentle Yoga for all levels 

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Yoga Stretches

Earth Element

From the Ground Up

This class is a particularly gentle, slow paced practice that teaches the fondamentals of poses and breath work. This flow centers around control and precision, with a diversity of exercises and modifications to suit a wide range of levels from beginner to more advanced. You will learn and practice the tools needed to lead a more peaceful life, remaining mindful in every act you perform.

Level: All, tailored for older adults

Running Time: 60 minutes

Water Element

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga is the perfect compliment to our yang style of yoga practice. 

Yin yoga is a very passive approach to yoga and compliments perfectly our where you perform the majority of the poses seated on the floor or laying down. The poses are held for longer periods of time, sometimes 3 - 5 minutes.

Yin yoga offers deeper access to the body targeting our connective tissues, fascia and ligaments with the aim of lubricating and protecting our joints. These are areas of the body often not reached with a typical yang style of yoga practice or fitness regime.

The main difference is that yin yoga is very passive with poses being held for longer periods of time.

Another important difference is that in yin yoga your muscles need to be relaxed as opposed to engaged, this is so you can work into the deeper layers of the body and move closer to the bone, an area often missed in a yang yoga practice.

With a yang practice there is much emphasis on building heat and strength in the body whereas this is not the case in yin. Yin is practiced cold with no warm up and with more of a focus on flexibility and lubrication.

Both yin and yang styles should be practiced to invite balance into your yoga regime.

Level: All

Running time: 60 minutes

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Candle Night

Let go of the day as you find deep relaxation in this restorative, candle-lit evening class. Gentle restorative poses will help heal your body. This stress and anxiety-relieving class focuses on completely releasing all tension in the body and mind.

Level: All

Running Time: 75 minutes

Fire Element

Fan your flames

During this powerful vinyasa flow, you will breathe, focus, move, stretch and balance. This "Fire" class is a heat building practice that allows you to move with your breath while building strength and working on your core.

Level : 2

Running Time: 75 minutes 

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The 5 Elements
Take it all in

This class is a combination of legs, hips core and backbends postures. Gentle enough to be suitable for beginners, this class leads you through poses working all muscles of the body with an emphasize on the core.

Level: 1/2

Total Time: 60 minutes



Learn the fundamentals for different meditation techniques to reduce stress and promote wellbeing. By establishing a regular meditation practice, you will experience beneficial shifts in the way you perceive the world inside and outside of you. Meditation is the best tool I know for a positive transformation.

Yoga at Home
Hands Together

"Let your practice be a celebration of life".

Seido Lee Debarros


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